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ChangePath will help you decide which Australian charities fit your needs best. We've assessed the transparency and financial sustainability of 30,000+ not-for-profits so that you can donate with confidence.

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Australia's only charity assessment site with impact tracking

ChangePath is proud to be the only charity assessment website that rates charities on their transparency, financial management, and their reporting of their impact. ChangePath is an independent, non-profit charity rating organisation dedicated to improving charity transparency and impact measurement.

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How can you donate effectively to help the people of Ukraine?

While Australia is geographically on the other side of the world from Ukraine, we are not unaffected by international events. Many of us want to do what we can to support people directly affected by the Russian-Ukraine war, and our individual choices to support organisations can make a difference.  But how can we trust our […]


ChangePath’s next phase

The next phase in ChangePath’s journey has begun with our new beta site. We’re proud to announce significant improvements to ChangePath – more charities, more information, and more functionality. You can help us by using the new site and letting us know your feedback. You can visit the new site here. New features on the […]


Australian Bushfires: Where to donate

The Australian bushfires are an extraordinary crisis. There has been an outpouring of support from every corner of Australia and the world. What is the best way to use your donor dollars? Some simple steps will help you be sure about donating effectively: Know your cause Decide what scale of organisation will best address that […]

Who we are

ChangePath exists to shine a light on charitable giving in Australia. We're here to help you make better decisions about who you support and why.

Given our emphasis on transparency, it would be very odd if we weren't upfront about our methodologies, our data sources, and the limitations of what we do. We're under no illusions that this is perfect yet - there's a lot more to do before we can claim to be an authoritative source on charitable giving.

Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can help us to achieve our goals.

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Many causes, many charities.

The world is full of problems to solve. There are diseases to cure, injustices to right, animals to save, and ideas to protect. These problems compete for our attention every day, trying to catch our eye, our passion, and often our wallets. Inevitably, tomorrow, there will be a new cause or problem, begging for us to listen.

How do you know what to do?

ChangePath aims to help you navigate the sea of problems facing humanity and the planet we live on. By helping you to narrow down the causes you're interested in, ChangePath helps you to emerge from indecision and start making a difference. It's not a decision we can make for you, but we can help. Our guide will take you through potential causes, helping you narrow down who you want to assist.

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Sorting the wheat from the chaff

At last count, there are over 60,000 charities registered in Australia, covering almost every conceivable cause. How can you narrow down exactly who should get your hard-earned money, or your valuable time?

ChangePath is the only organisation in Australia that provides transparency rankings for a wide range of charities, as well as financial data. Compare charities by size, revenue, and donations received, as well as by whether they make financial data available.

The full list of charities will grow in time, and more information will be added to improve your ability to make decisions.

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