For charities

ChangePath and you

ChangePath has benefits for both donors and for not-for-profits. The general public are often wary of giving money to charitable organisations, because they hear a lot of mixed things thanks to the mass media. This reduces the number of people willing to give to any charity.

We believe that the pool of potential donors can grow, and that by demonstrating that charities are well-run and transparent, we can convince more people to give to good causes. More importantly, we can direct funds towards well-run, transparent, sustainable charities, helping them to succeed.

As a general statement, ChangePath firmly believes that charity is an overwhelming good for society, and should be encouraged.

ChangePath has two fundamental principles:

  1. ChangePath is an independent, transparent, not-for-profit service to help people who wish to choose a charity to donate to. To remain independent, ChangePath does not accept money from charities in any way that could be seen as a conflict of interest. Rankings and scores cannot be bought.
  2. ChangePath has no political, religious, or cultural affiliation (beyond an obvious focus on Australia). All charities are treated equally and on their merits alone.

This means that we will always try to give a fair and unbiased assessment of a charity, based on facts.

Keeping ChangePath accurate

Updating charity information

ChangePath sources information from the ACNC, charity websites, and annual reports. However, errors do creep in and things can change over time. If you notice something that you'd like changed about your charity listing, please let us know. Fill out the Update Form and we'll get back to you once the fix has been put in place. Anyone (including members of the public) can submit updates. Note that we do not guarantee all changes will be made, and all updates are at the discretion of ChangePath.

Listing new charities

If your charity isn't listed on ChangePath, but you would like it to be, we're more than happy to put it online. If your charity was registered with the ACNC (you can check at the ACNC website), fill in the New Charity Form, giving the ABN listed next to your charity in the ACNC lists. If your charity is NOT listed with the ACNC, we are not able to accept it at this time. Charities/not-for-profits must also have an active website to be listed.

Using your star rating

The 2016 star rating

If you're proud of the rating your organisation has received and want to display it, you can. We're releasing the 2016 star ratings to charities to use for marketing purposes, with two conditions:

  1. The star rating image must link back to the relevant ChangePath page (i.e. the page for your charity).
  2. The image should not be altered.
Your score badge is available at the bottom of the page for your charity.

Using star ratings

Be sensible and proportionate when talking about your star rating. For example, if your charity has a 7/7 score, you can say that it has 'the maximum score possible', but you can't say it 'ranks as the best charity'. It's an award for being open, transparent, accountable and well run, but doesn't give any indication of impact or being 'better' than other charities. Use language carefully.

Our ratings

How our ratings are determined

Details on how the score and star rating in the transparency, financial stability and privacy sections is determined can be found at the bottom of each charity's page, in the 'Detailed scoring' section.

Note that there are a number of different assessments that go into each star rating. For example, the scores of the financial criteria (less than two losses in the last 3 years gives 2 points, having assets greater than liabilities gives an additional 2 points, and having asset coverage over 6 months is one point) actually add to a total of 5, which is then translated to be out of 3 stars. For more details about exactly how the scores are put together and where the numbers come from, see our About page.

Improving your transparency score.

If your transparency score is lower than you would like, here's the quick and easy method to get the full 3/3 star rating.

  • Put your full annual reports for the current year and previous years on your website
  • Put your full financial report (Importantly, this ISN'T the summary financial report. This is the full, complete, financial report.) for the current year and previous years on your website.
That's it - pretty easy. Note that these need to be on your own website (not the ACNC). Once you've made these changes, fill out the Update Form and we'll get back to you once your score has been updated.

Improving your financial score.

If your financial score is lower than you would like, improving it is a fair bit harder than improving the other two scores, as it relies on the financial fundamentals of your charity. However, if you have a low score due to a lack of financial information, rather than the actual finances themselves, that is easier to fix. Simply put the full financial reports from the current and previous years online, and fill out the Update Form. We'll get back to you once your score has been updated.

Improving your privacy score.

Improving your privacy score is simple. Just put a privacy policy together, and make it easily accessible on your website. Once you've done that, fill out the Update Form and we'll get back to you once your score has been updated.